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Hey Mama, I'm your host Sarah...

...and welcome to Mama Inspired, your new place of inspiration! I couldn't be happier that you are here, now let me tell you why I am.


After the toughest two years of my life I uncovered a miracle among the mess and a calling to help YOU find yours. I so clearly felt a tug to be vulnerable, honest, courageous, and to share my story, so that I might encourage you to do the same. When I finally did, I was reminded of this beautiful and natural bond we mamas have ( whether you are struggling to become a mama or your'e in the thick of it). I was also faced with the reality that this special bond has been weakened by fear, judgement, comparison, and has left us feeling like isolation is our only option. It has to stop. 

I am here to encourage moms and moms-to-be to share in their struggle. I believe the power of storytelling can flip the script, make us feel a part of something much bigger, and provide a perspective that may very well change our life in that moment. I know this power, because I experienced it myself and it propelled me to drive this mama-led-movement. 

Through stories from mamas just like you, through self-care tips, expert advice, and taking the time to love yourself, grow, and operate from a full cup, we will together begin to make the transformation from messy to truly inspired.


I believe a Mama inspired, helps create a more supportive, compassionate, and empowered mama collective, so that no Mama feels alone through this journey of motherhood. If you are with me

( and I KNOW that you are), let's walk this journey together. 


A little about me...

These two men on the right are why I wake up at 5 am everyday. They are the strongest source of joy and love in my life, and also make it necessary that this Mama gets a few cups of coffee and some"me time" in before the sun rises. 

Shocked that I said "two men"? Yep, my two year old Miles has hair most women would envy and has since birth. We've recently experienced two miscarriages, so for now we're a family of 3 (or 4 if you count our big fury Rhodesian Ridgeback Jax), but hoping and praying that we get to see Miles become the sweetest big brother we know he's destined to be. 

I started out my career in corporate America sales, then ventured into island real estate in Alaska, and where I spent some time in network marketing as a health and fitness coach. This all led me to where I am today, driving a mama-led-movement as a podcaster. The journey here was hard, but necessary for me to grow into the woman and mama I am today. You can hear more of this story in Episode 1 of the podcast and listen to me relive the very moments Mama Inspired was born in Episode 2.


I'm a small town girl, from Tipton, IN. Mornings are my happy place, I'll take a brewskie over wine, I live to create special moments in the details through parties or impromptu dinners. Music is most powerful to me, whether it be dance parties in the living room or singing my little man to sleep. I've found I have a love for hiking, camping, and now soaking up beach life. I have a group of girlfriends who I cherish and who inspire me to grow everyday. My husband is my biggest fan and my most favorite person on the planet ( well tied with Miles). I'm a mushy gushy mama, full of love and I'm here to pour it into you!

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