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Episode 13: BONUS ! MAMA MOMENT Restore Patience and Love

Today I am bringing you a guided Mama Moment. We've touched on this in prior episodes, but if you are new here I am going to fill you in. A Mama Moment is a few minutes taken in a day to de-escalate any negative emotions, release tension, restore calm, and rejuvenate your loving spirit. It's a mix of amateur meditation and self-affirmations and can be used as needed.

My goal in creating this episode is to offer you something you can reach for whenever your are lacking patience and acting out of your weakness. Head to the 2 min 1 sec mark to start your guided Mama Moment.

If you love this accessible tool, please let me know by sending me a message and writing a written review! My goal is to serve you and if this does the trick, I will make it a regular part of the podcast. I can't wait to hear from you!

All the love,


I had this idea to give you all a "guided mama moment"

A mama moment is a few minutes taken when needed, to try and quiet distraction, maybe sitting in the bathroom hiding, becoming self aware, and de-escalating the heightened negative feelings, integrate inventory check of our self-care buckets, encouraging actions and language out of love and support for yourself and your family. I have been referring to it as mix of amateur meditation and self affirmations.

Today's mama moment is focused on reeling in our lack of patience, encouraging reflection of how our body is responding to this, and rejuvenating our loving spirit.

I want to offer something that can help you in midst of your day. Until you find your own groove or adopt your own mama moment style, come to second " " hit play and use this "guided mama moment" to regain calm and patience.

If this resonates and helps, I'd like to incorporate this into the podcast on the regular, maybe 1 per month…If this ends up being something you like, let me know! If you didn't like it,… let me know! I am here to serve you all, so speak to me :)

Ensure everyone is safe before you step away, and pull yourself into a quieter room. I suggest you sit or lean on something if you can to allow your body to relax. Better yet.. Go lay on your bed.

We are going to start with 3 deep and slow breathes, breathing in 4 counts and out I 4 counts.

1-2-3-4, out 1,2,3,4, I through your mouth- 1,2,3,4 - out through your mouth 1,2,3,4

Now, gauge your body. Where do you feel tightness, is your jaw tight, are your hands clenched, are your shoulders raised, are you bowing your back… move from your head/ face to your toes and intentionally feel the tension, then release it….

One more deep breath in this relaxed state-- 1,2,3,4 out 1,2,3,4

Ask yourself outloud " what is needed of me?" attention, patience, presence, time, calm? Don’t let your mind wander to dishes, mopping, chores etc-

Then " what do I need ?"- grace, calm, peace, quiet, connection, time to fill my cup ?

Assess your inventory of self care buckets…Decide your next action when you walk back out - will you turn down the external noises? Will you sit with your child, will you steal a hug, will you draw from your quick action menu of options? Once you have made your decision,…

Then say aloud to yourself, this lack of patience does not define me. I am giving myself grace, because I am human and a mother. I will give no more thought to this negative energy and release it where I left it.

Hold your hand to your heart, and say I deserve the attention I give to others. " I am patient, I am calm, and I am LOVE." " My actions forward will be of love "

One more deep breathe - smile for this small action you just took and for the love you are about to exude.

Game face, Let's Do this!


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