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Episode 15: What You Wish You Knew - A Birth Trauma Story with Megan Rothenberg

We all dream about the moments of finally meeting, smelling, kissing, holding and connecting to the we've life created, outside of our womb. Megan Rothenberg was robbed of those magical moments due to the insensitive and impatient provider on call the night Nora, her first babe was born. Today Megan share's Nora's traumatic birth story, the moments that haunt her to this day, what she wishes she'd known then, and a message to other mama's who may find themselves on this healing journey.

What we want to drive home on this episode is that knowledge is power. Know that you have control over your body and that there are always options. Empower yourself, educate yourself, and create a birth plan that is your version of beautiful.

All the love,


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