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Episode 20: You Were Made for This! A Mindset Motivation Cure for Self-Doubt

Today you get a pep talk from yours truly! After self-doubt had almost ruined my day, fate stepped in and reminded me that nothing that insists on growth is easy. The goal, the challenge, the endeavor, the new biz you have decided to pursue is meant to change you and so it will be hard. On those days when you want to quit, remember it's a test. Can you push through, keeping in mind that on the other side of that hard are milestones and life changing moments?

Let's shift your mindset and keep you on this journey you set out on, because Mama… you were made for it.

All the love,


I really want you to hear me in this episode, because Mama there are gonna be a bazillion moments like the one I am about to tell you about and I need you to remember my voice and remember these words.

I was having a day where I was feeling smothered by self doubt… I was too much in my head of the success of the podcast ( after a measly 7 weeks- come on), I was worried that my content wasn't reaching, wasn't hitting home with you. I even had thoughts of "man, maybe this wasn't the right call". "Maybe it will be less embarrassing if I just stop now? " , then " who am I to teach and guide these woman.. Look at me… I don't even believe in myself"

The intensity of these thoughts were strong and getting stronger, because I hadn't shut it down. I hadn't snapped out of this negative spiral to realize that my fear was wigging out and being unreasonable. All of this was happening while I was on my spin bike knocking out a 20 min Hight intensity workout- 10 -30 standing sprints at full throttle with 45 sec rest.

The countdown had started on one of 30 sec sprint intervals, 5, 4, 3, and at 2 I just gave into the hard. I gave up right when it was getting to that point where I didn't think I could go anymore. My inner voice was feeling puny and small, and then in the middle of the workout … a friend texted me. She told me she was listening to the first episode and loving it. Ugh, I just couldn't believe what had just happened. That text had come when I needed it most and I of course told her that.

Reeling a bit from my conversation with her, almost in tears, I continued to finish out my workout and again just let go at the count of 2. And it hit me… This is hard!!! And so is what I am doing with this podcast. Starting a biz is hard, trying to do it all at once, when you realize it's just not possible is hard, being a creative is hard, working hard and not making money is hard,

Pushing myself for 20 minutes at a high intensity, breathing heavy, sweating my skin off, pushing past what I think I can do is HARD. I am quitting, giving up on myself, leaving two seconds that I could have pushed through if I just remembered that I COULD, If I kept the promise that I made to myself, saw the goal I set through to the finish line…

We can't give up when we get to the really hard part. I told myself I would start this podcast and not look back for 6 months, just focus on the calling, listen to my heart, serve you in the best way I could, not worry about the stats, just work through the roadblocks, take it in stride and grow through it all, lead with hard work and faith.

Working through that really tough phase is what propels you forward. It's the test that dictates whether you're going to keep tripping yourself up, or look ahead, with the strength, courage, and faith you need to make it to the finish line.

That tough part is truly like a growth spurt. Think about it… you know where we realize our little babes are working through one themselves? They are super fussy, clingy, throw more tantrums than usual.. They've got a whole lot going on and they simply don't know how to handle it. It's confusing, scary, and uncomfortable, but shortly after they return to normal, they've hit that next developmental milestone. It was not an easy time, for baby or mama lol, but so much growth came from it.

After my workout, I continued my text chat with my girlfriend. She lent me guidance of her own, sent over a few beautiful playlists full of affirmations, sounds of positivity and healing. This coming from a woman who has been through hell and back ( a few times)- she's incredible. Then a few hours later, I get a text and a picture from her… topless, breastfeeding, pump on the other boob and it says " finishing episode 3- YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS"

Ya'll I want to cry thinking about it. Whatever the goal, the passion project, the new business, the improvement, the new path you have chosen to pursue.. Because you want a better quality of life, you need change, because you want to serve, because you believe in something greater than yourself…

That is your journey. Don't lie to yourself and think it's gonna be easy. You know it will be hard, but you are not going to quit, because you know what is there waiting for you on the other side of that hard… and because YOU WERE MADE FOR IT.

Save this episode, I won't lie that I think I am gonna let my own words be that splash of cold water when I need it . I also want you to remember that there are people out there who believe in you… don't wait on a serendipitous moment… reach out. I am always here to lend an ear… you can lean on the women in our private FB Collective… there's a lot of love behind you.

I love you all, Kelly I love you most. You turned my day around !

Talk to you soon mamas!

All my love,



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