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Episode 21: Connection, Compassion, Gratitude- A Cozy Thanksgiving Chat with Casey Lynch

Happy Thanksgiving you beautiful mamas ! I hope your'e listening to this episode with a cup of coffee, some fuzzy socks, or you're getting things fired up in the kitchen, because this is a warm and cozy one. Today I am talking with one my favorite people, Casey Lynch on the history of Thanksgiving, the connections to the year of struggle we endured in 2020, our own Thanksgiving memories, and the true power of gratitude.

I wanted to bring you something that would warm and inspire your heart on this beloved day, but above all create a new meaning and intention. It's a special conversation and Thanksgiving is a special opportunity to kick off a new year full of connection, compassion, and gratitude.

I hope this episode leaves you with new energy and light and that this Thanksgiving day is more special for it! Wishing all the love to you and your family!

All the love,



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