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Episode 22: Why You Never Ignore a Mother's Intuition! - with Samantha Gardner Haven

Today you are going to hear the birth story of Benjamin who was born at 24 weeks due to Preeclampsia. Samantha Gardner Haven joins me in my home studio (aka the desk in the corner of my bedroom) for this episode and she brings us along as she relives the details of his birth and the hard months that followed.

Due to her severe condition Sam developed HELLP Syndrome and was unable to see her new baby boy in the NICU for 8 days. Today we will hear about the moments when mom and baby were reunited, the moments her faith was tested as a Preemie mama, and those that resembled a miracle.

Sam's message to you is to trust the gift of intuition you are given as a mom, listen to your body, ask questions, and get loud when you need to.

Please share this story and this message with all your mamas. It's invaluable and too often it's one that's questioned.

All the love,



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