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Episode 25: Rare Genetic Disorder, Infant Loss, and the Spiritual Healing Journey of a Grieving Mom

Remember Kolby with Kelly Kendall

Kelly and AJ Kendall knew their daughter Kolby would need some help once she was born. They expected her to be sick and that she'd possibly need surgeries. They were ready for that struggle and ready to love her no matter. What they didn't expect was that they would have to say goodbye just 3 days later.

Kelly and I grew up together and she's one of the most beautiful people I know. She has a special kind of light you simply are drawn to and that makes this episode all that much more heartbreaking, yet powerful. Infant loss, NICU life, and the weight of the journey leading up to it, is unfathomable for most of us. The strength and the choice Kelly and AJ made to live and remember Kolby, instead of decline in greif is powerful and inspiring.

As Kelly holds her second daughter, her new beautiful baby girl Kenly in her arms she tells me, "Life can be beautiful after" and that she knows Kolby would be saddened if they hadn't chosen that path.

This is the story of high risk pregnancy, care of #MaternalFetalMedicine, #NeuralTubeDefect, #SpinaBifida, #geneticdisorder, #emergencyCsection, #NICUlife, #LethalMultiplePterygiumSyndrome, #infantloss, a #grievingmom, and #beautyaftertrauma through #spiritualhealing. I warn you that it's not easy to hear, but you will feel lifted and warmth in the end.

Please share Kelly's powerful testament of living and choosing to see the beauty after loss.


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