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Episode 6: When are YOU Going to Have Kids? - Infertility Warrior Ashley Wallace Answers

We receive this question so causally as soon as we are married or are of the "age" to bare children and it's time it stops. In this episode Ashley Wallace shares how her answer to this question changed over the course of her 5 year long infertility battle, how it felt to receive it, and her commitment to enlightening others when it's asked of her today.

We are going to hear how she and her husband Branson uncovered true blessings amidst the hard and the moments in which their adoption blog was created. You must go read their story and all the inspiring words they have shared in hopes that a mama might hear it too and decide to make these beautiful people parents. You can find the blog on FB at Praying to Adopt Baby Wallace.

We hope this episode changes the narrative around how we approach women in their journey to motherhood and that the road of infertility doesn't remain one of shame and loneliness.

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