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Episode 8: Motherhood After Loss - a Story of Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Trauma with Megan Stofer

Everything in your life changes when you experience loss through stillbirth and learning to navigate this new life without resources or dedicated support seems nearly impossible. Today we are going to hear from the incredible Megan Stofer, a mother who's experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, trauma, and the power of mamas uniting for a like cause. Megan's story is hard to hear, but also incredibly beautiful. From the intention of love and fore-thinking that went into her decisions to commemorate and soak in Connelly's life, to the work she and her circle of badass angels are doing today to support other "loss families," you will be amazed by the strength of this mother.

This episode is Part 1 of 2, so subscribe now and listen to the second half of this interview as soon as it goes live! If you loved Megan's story and the podcast, let me know by writing a review! It means the world and another mama just like you could see it and decide to push play.

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You can follow and get in touch with Megan here:

IG: @meganseducationfirst


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