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Episode 4: Postpartum Depression in a Pandemic with Ali Blackburn

Can you imagine living on an island in Alaska, making your way through the new journey of motherhood, living through the pandemic of Covid, AND battling Postpartum Depression? Ali Blackburn is a warrior and even though the last year plus has been the toughest yet, she chooses to make something beautiful from the mess.

In this episode Ali walks us through the horrifying moments of Postpartum Depression, the thoughts, the fears, the symptoms, and words that made the difference, and the steps she took to make it through. We cover the taboo topic of medication, the signs to watch out for in your loved ones and yourself, how and where to get help, and the part that we MUST play in this sisterhood.

Ali is moving, honest, beautiful, and now an advocate. She wants you to know that if you are struggling and want to talk with someone you can reach out to her. You don't have to walk this road alone. Reach out to Ali


IG: emilove712

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