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Episode 12: Exposing the Hidden Truth of Early Miscarriage Part 1 - With Erica Seifert

When you find out you've experienced an early miscarriage it's scary. You have to make choices on how to move forward and are faced with so many questions. Many of us find ourselves googling non-stop and simply looking for resources to help us understand what exactly is happening. In today's interview, Erica Seifert shares her own miscarriage story and together we swap experiences. We approached this conversation as a opportunity to share, educate, reassure, and simply offer perspective.

You will hear about Erica's infertility journey to her first born and about her second conception journey to her current pregnancy. We discuss the importance of clicking with your doctor, choosing a method of medical miscarriage, and our failed experiences with genetic testing.

Please note we are not doctors and are truly hoping our experience will offer enlightenment and minimize the mad googling.


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