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Episode 23: Gift of Hygge- Uncover the Stress FREE Secret to Making the Holidays Special

Give yourself permission to keep the holidays simple and stress-free. Coming off this crazy year we've had, it feels there is even more pressure to make things extra special. I have the best news for you, you can do this for free, without draining your bank account, without exhausting your mind and body, and with what you already have.

Today I want to give you a light introduction into the world of Hygge. Essentially it's all of your most cherished holiday memories in one word. These memories are filled with the warmth of the holiday spirit and the joy of traditions spent with the people we love. Come take a trip with me down memory lane and challenge yourself to get creative, to think simple, and deliver this beautiful gift of intention. I promise it will be your most special Christmas yet.

If you finish this episode and your'e like " Amen Mama!", give me a shout out on social and share the episode. Let's relieve the pressure for all the new moms out there trying to do it all!

All the love,



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